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Counter-strike: Global Offensive PHP Armsrace Winner Panel
05.02.2019 von fat-randy

** CS:GO Armsrace Winner Panel V1.1 made by fat-randy (www.fat-randy.de )
** Original Panel made by Bacardi (https://forums.alliedmods.net)

CS:GO PHP Armsrace Winner Panel V1.1 made by fat-randy

1. Features:
- Grap and store Armsrace winner in SQL database
- Show Winners in PHP Web Panel
- Show Full Stats in PHP Web Pane
- Optimized for Firefox 65.XX

2. Install instructions
- You need PHP (tested on PHP Version 7.0.4) and a SQL database
- You need MetaMod and Sourcemod running on you CS:GO Server
- You need the pluging "arwin.smx" in your addons/sourcemod/plugins/disabled" folder
- Upload the folder "arwin" to your Webspace
- Create a mysql database called "arstats" via "phpMyAdmin"
- Copy sourcemod plugin (arwin.smx) to your server plugins\disabled folder (e.g. ........\csgo\addons\sourcemod\plugins\disabled)
- Edit config.php in arwin folder on your webspace
- Add and edit the following to your .../csgo/addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg:
"driver" "mysql"
"host" "localhost"
"database" "arstats"
"user" "yourdatabaseusername"
"pass" "yourdatabaseuserpassword"
- Add the following to your .../csgo/cfg/gamemode_armsrace_server.cfg:
"sm plugins load disabled/arwin"
(without ")
- If you're running different gamemodes on your server e.g. sometimes demolition and sometimes armsrace,
add the following to your .../csgo/cfg/server.cfg:
"sm plugins unload disabled/arwin"
(without ")
This avoids that winners from other maps, gamemodes will be stored.
Background: the armsrace winner is calculated by MVPs
- Open panel: www.yourdomain.xxx/arwin
- Have fun

3. Screenshots:


4. Live Preview (!Only when my server is online, template changed!)

5. For feedback or questions, please visit:

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