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Counter-strike: Source & Global Offensive PHP Web Admin Panel
05.02.2019 von fat-randy

** CS:X Admin Panel 1.1 made by fat-randy (www.fat-randy.de )
** Original Admin panel made by Kashinoda (https://forums.alliedmods.net)
** Source RCON by William Ruckman (http://ruckman.net)
** serverstatus.class.php by hsfighter (http://sourceserver.info)

CS-X Admin Panel 1.1 made by fat-randy

1. Additional features:
- Managing of maximum 4 CS:S or CS:GO Servers
- Serverviewer
- RCON Commands
- MetaMod & SourceMod Support
- Join your server from panel (via Steam connect)
- Optimized for Firefox 65.XX

2. Install instructions
- You need PHP (tested on PHP Version 7.0.4) and Javascript
- You do not need a mysql database
- Uploud the folder "cs-x_admin" to your Webspace
- Copy sourcemod plugins (AdminList.smx, savechat.smx) to your server plugins folder (e.g. ........\csgo\addons\sourcemod\plugins)
- Edit config.php (Server information and Login data)
- Edit and run read_maps.bat (It's much easier to generate maps.csv files automatically than to edit them by hand)
the read_maps.bat scans your game map folders to generate maps_csgo.csv and maps_css.csv files
- Optionally: edit modes.csv to add your configs you want to exec via the panel e.g. live.cfg or 3rr.cfg,
the cfgs have to be in your game folder ...../csgo/cfg/
- Open Admin panel: www.yourdomain.xxx/cs-x_admin/index.php
- To see CS:GO player list, set in your server.cfg "host_players_show 2"
- Have fun

3. Screenshots:


4. For feedback or questions, please visit:

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